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‘Jack Ryan’ Is An All-Time Background Show

The third season of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan recently dropped on Prime Video and I for one could not be happier. Not because it’s a great show or anything but that show is phenomenal pre-bed time material. I watched the first two seasons once they came out and I’m a few episodes into season three and I can’t tell you one thing that has happened in the 18 episodes I’ve seen so far and writing this blog is the most time and effort that has gone into my brain thinking about this show when it’s not playing on my television.

There’s nothing particularly groundbreaking about the show but it’s a good old-fashioned spy thriller that bounces around the world with good-not-great action. It’s still weird to me to see John Krasinski as an action hero even if The Office ended almost a decade ago and he’s gone off and done 13 Hours, the A Quiet Place franchise, and recently made what could be the first of several appearances as Reed Richards in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. That being said he’s a pretty good fit as Jack Ryan here. Wendell Pierce (The Wire) is also great as a character whose name is a complete anomaly to me. The man’s been in every episode and he’s perfect as a salty agent tasked with bailing out Ryan but gun to my head I couldn’t tell you what his name is. Michael Kelly (House of Cards) is also apparently in the show too! In fact, he’s been in 16 episodes and it took until the end of episode two of the new season for me to realize, not even remember, that he’s in the show. But perhaps my favorite “oh yeah, he’s in the show” actor is John Hoogenakker. If you don’t know that name that’s totally okay because you’ve definitely seen him before:

It really is incredible how much time I’ve spent watching this and how little I’ve retained.

If you’re looking for some mindless action to gently rock you to sleep I could not recommend Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan anymore. That’s not to say it’s a bad show but the octane in this show is low enough to keep you engaged but at now point get your heart rate going. Season 3 is available now on Prime Video.

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